I live in Athens, Greece with my family.
I studied Business Administration at Athens University of Economics & Business with postgraduate studies at the University of Strathclyde. I also have a bachelor of Greek Cultural Studies from the Greek Open University. I worked in the financial sector for 20 years, mainly in marketing.
I have been involved in creative art photography since 2019. I have attended creative art photography courses at the Hellenic Centre for Photography, portfolio development courses at iFocus, photography and cinema courses at Diadromes photography seminars. I also completed the "Seeing through photographs" online course at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
My more intentional engagement with photography has revived my connection with nature and my inner self. It has helped me slow down my pace, feel the silence and notice more details about everything that surrounds me and at the same time find a way to channel the joy that comes from the deeper contact with my feelings and my soul.
Through my photos, I wish to draw you into my own little mundane world, even for a while and offer you a pleasant break from the constant visual noise of daily life and also a chance to reconnect with your emotions and the natural environment. I attempt to find the beauty and magic that slips away in our routines and offer subtle, alternative aesthetic and visual possibilities about Nature and the urban landscape and convey the feelings of gratitude, awe and wonder.
I hope you enjoy the extraordinary poetry that may be uncovered in the ordinary.
I am happy to hear your thoughts and impressions. You can reach out to me using my contact form.
Eva Berler

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